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February 12, 2024

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Are At-Home Tests Reliable? How Powered by imaware Addresses Patient Concerns

Powered by imaware empowers patients and builds trust in at-home health testing.

Key takeaways
  • Powered by imaware ensures accuracy in at-home health testing by processing all tests at CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited laboratories and maintaining the highest medical standards.
  • With carefully designed packaging and sample inspection upon arrival at the lab, Powered by imaware addresses fears about sample damage during transit.
  • At-home testing is a valuable supplement to traditional healthcare, encouraging patients to play a more proactive role in health monitoring.

Over the last few years, the scientific rigor, heightened oversight and technological advances of at-home health testing companies have repaired the reputational damage that Theranos caused. But Elizabeth Holmes’ false promise of “revolutionary blood tests” lingers in the minds of some, continuing to cause misconceptions about the reliability of these tests.

Three of the most common concerns revolve around accuracy, efficiency and safety. Here’s how Powered by imaware addresses these fears and safeguards patients’ trust:  

1. Inaccurate test results could lead to the wrong treatment

All of Powered by imaware’s tests are processed at CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited laboratories per the most stringent medical standards to ensure the highest quality and accuracy in results. Patients also receive their results in a clear, easy-to-understand format with suggested next steps to explore, such as lifestyle changes they could benefit from. For results that fall outside the norm, patients are advised to seek follow-up care from their healthcare provider.

2. Samples can be damaged en route to the lab, altering patient results

Powered by imaware’s packaging has been crafted with this sort of concern in mind to ensure test results are not compromised after leaving a patient’s home. Our multilayer packaging and collection devices were designed to keep samples stable and at appropriate temperatures during transportation. As an additional measure, samples are carefully inspected upon arrival at the lab to ensure they are viable before processing for results. Should any sample show degradation, the patient is notified and sent a new test to ensure they receive the most accurate results possible.

3. Replacing all healthcare assessments with at-home tests puts patients at risk of missing serious symptoms

At Powered by imaware, we believe at-home testing is a valuable way to supplement traditional engagements with healthcare providers, not replace them entirely. This is why patients with abnormal results are advised to download their discussion-ready data for further evaluation and treatment conversations with their healthcare providers. 

Our tests help patients take an empowered, proactive role in identifying conditions and monitoring their health, but we do not suggest that we are a substitute for their doctor, nor do we provide an official diagnosis based on biomarker results. We are proud to be an extension of our patient’s care team, not a replacement. 

Benefits of at-home testing

While these concerns are entirely understandable – especially in a post-Theranos world — there are many benefits of at-home testing that make it critically important to the future of health in the United States. For example, at-home testing provides a crucial level of accessibility for those who live rurally or may have physical restrictions that make in-person lab visits arduous. Reducing the number of in-person appointments also takes the pressure off an overloaded healthcare system, cutting down wait times for people who need to visit a lab or clinic in person while saving time and money for those who do not. The convenience of at-home testing benefits those who require frequent monitoring as well as individuals who are just interested in low-lift preventative measures. And these are just a sample of the barriers at-home testing breaks down.

With a science-backed, trusted partner like Powered by imaware, at-home testing can be a powerful tool for organizations, expanding and evolving how we approach care.


Mairi Sutherland

Mairi is a content strategist with a passion for imaware’s partner and patient outcomes, translating digital health trends for your business.

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