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February 15, 2024

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2024’s Must-Have Tools for Health Optimization from A to Z

The tools, technologies and brands biohackers love in 2024.

Key takeaways
  • The global biohacking market is set to soar, driven by health-conscious consumers and strategic innovations.
  • From stress-busting wearables to electromagnetic smart gyms, brands like WHOOP and Elo Health are leading the health optimization charge in 2024.
  • Well-being tools from companies like Ulla, Theragun and YuMuuv are redefining health with solutions that go beyond traditional measures.

The health optimization movement is here to stay, thanks to the rise in health-conscious consumers and biohackers driving market growth by investing in products to support their goals.1 According to a 2023 study by Technavio Research, the global biohacking market size is estimated to grow by $32.68 billion at a CAGR of 19.26% between 2023 and 2028.2

The purchasing power of these performance-driven, wellness-oriented individuals bodes well for businesses, particularly those meeting the top five 2024 trends identified by McKinsey & Company: (1) Health at home, (2) Biomonitoring and wearables, (3) Personalization with gen AI, (4) Clinically proven results and (5) Doctor recommendations.3 Companies are forming strategic partnerships and launching new products to capitalize on this opportunity and improve their market position — like adding biomarker testing to their offerings to provide deeper data.

Here are our A-Z picks for the brands doing it best in 2024:

1. Apollo

Apollo Neuro offers a wearable device that uses vibrations to improve stress resilience and sleep quality by influencing the body's nervous system. In the app, you can personalize your Apollo Vibes schedule so that vibrations are timed for when you want to feel energized, improve your cognitive function or unwind. 

2. Body Comp

Withings Body Comp smart scale uses specialized sensors to provide comprehensive body composition analysis, including weight, cardiovascular insights and Electrodermal Activity Score (sweat gland activity). It syncs to an app where you can use your personalized health data and insights to track the progress of your overall health. 

3. Calm

Calm is a mental health app that uses research-based methods to improve relaxation, stress management and sleep patterns through audio. The Calm subscription comes with a range of tracks like guided meditation, sleep stories and more.

4. Daylio

We track health, nutrition and fitness, so why not happiness? Daylio is a mood-tracking app that helps users monitor and understand their emotions. You can log daily activities, track new habit development and gain insights into mental well-being through a user-friendly app with customizable features.

5. Elo Health

Elo Health is a personalized nutrition company that leverages imaware's biomarker test data and AI analysis to create precision supplements for members. Elo recently launched seven-layer Smart Gummies, a palatable alternative to swallowing seven pills. Each daily gummy is formulated from 389M combinations to fill the member's nutritional gaps.

6. FightCamp

FightCamp offers an interactive at-home fitness experience that blends boxing and technology using two sensors (for the boxing gloves), a punching bag and an app. Users are encouraged to track progress, compete against others and enjoy a library of thousands of guided workout videos to reach their optimal health.

7. Garmin Running Dynamics Pod

Avid runners, listen up because this biohacking tool is for you. Garmin's Running Dynamics Pod is a small device that easily clips onto your waistband while running to provide in-depth insights, including cadence, stride length, vertical oscillation and ground contact time. This device connects with the Garmin mobile app and can be used in tandem with smartwatches.

8. Hydrow

Hydrow offers an immersive rowing experience with its sleek, state-of-the-art rowing machine that combines cutting-edge technology and live outdoor reality to provide users with engaging, full-body workouts. The interactive platform and stylish design make it a premium fitness solution for those seeking an engaging exercise routine.

9. imaware

imaware's easy at-home health tests empower proactive health management with tests from general checkups and preventative screenings to strategic assessments and chronic disease monitoring. With Powered by imaware's plug-and-play solution, businesses can create custom biomarker panels to provide their users with the life-changing health data they crave.


JAXJOX offers an Interactive Studio featuring smart fitness equipment that combines AI algorithms and real-time performance tracking. Through free weights, a digital pull-up bar and a smart foam roller, the system provides personalized workouts, data analytics and a seamless fitness experience.

11. Kairos

The Biostrap Kairos is a wearable performance and wellness tracker and app system that monitors vital health indicators like heart rate, interbeat intervals, sleep analysis, activity metrics and respiratory rate. Biostrap is used for research, general health monitoring, chronic care management and health optimization. 

12. Lumen 

Lumen is a metabolic tracking device that uses a CO2 sensor to analyze your breath. That's right, you breathe into it. From your breath, Lumen provides real-time metabolic insights which can guide how you optimize your metabolic flexibility, like making informed decisions about fitness and nutrition.

13. Muse

Muse S is a subscription-based brain-sensing headband that aims to help you improve mental clarity, meditation and sleep quality through real-time EEG feedback. It offers guided meditation sessions and sleep tracking for enhanced mindfulness and relaxation.

14. Noom 

Noom is a wellness app that combines psychology, nutrition and exercise to provide personalized weight loss guidance and other valuable insights. It offers support, tracking tools and educational content for users aiming for sustainable, healthy lifestyle changes.

15. Oura Ring 

Oura Ring is a compact titanium smart ring that tracks sleep, activity and readiness, offering insights into overall well-being. With advanced sensors, it uses over 20 health metrics, including body temperature, heart rate and blood oxygen levels, to provide personalized recommendations to optimize sleep and performance.

16. Polar H10

Polar H10 is a premium fitness tracker that straps across your chest, specially designed to measure your heart rate during high-intensity exercise. It offers Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity, ensuring compatibility with various fitness apps and enhancing personal performance monitoring.

17. QardioBase X 

QardioBase X is a smart scale that measures body composition with 12 features, including muscle mass, body fat percentage, BMI, water composition, skeletal muscle and metabolic age. This scale promotes easy health monitoring and goal tracking by seamlessly integrating with its app.

18. Reflect’s Orb

Reflect’s Orb is a handheld "biofeedback companion" that changes color depending on its analysis of your stress level through indicators like heart rate variability (HRV) and electrodermal activity (EDA). Users can use the Orb to bring awareness to their stress and anxiety and identify which management and relaxation techniques work best for them.

19. Sense Theragun

The Sense Theragun is a massage gun that focuses on stress relief. The device uses a built-in heart rate sensor to provide percussive massage therapy and haptic vibrations to guide breath work and reduce stress while assisting muscle recovery. Users can connect with the Therabody app to track their heart rate, customize their experience and explore guided relaxation routines.

20. Tonal

Tonal revolutionizes home fitness with an all-in-one smart gym that uses electromagnetic resistance technology. The system automatically adjusts weight based on the training selected and user goals. Users also receive strength assessments, form guidance and weight suggestions as they progress. 

21. Ulla

Hydration is a simple way to boost everything from mental clarity to energy level. Ulla is a hydration reminder device that can be attached to your favorite water bottle. The device uses sensors to track drinking frequency and emits periodic alerts to encourage regular water intake.

22. Venu 3

Venu 3 is a Garmin smartwatch that combines fitness and lifestyle optimization through powerful health metrics like heart rate variability, stress and blood oxygen saturation. Not to mention the free coaching, workout creation, wheelchair mode, perceived exertion and other physical performance settings that make it an ideal companion for goal-getters.

23. WHOOP 

WHOOP's wearable technology tracks key biometric data so users can optimize their sleep, fitness, recovery, health and more. The WHOOP app uses human performance science to provide users with in-depth scores and custom performance scoring based on personal goals.

24. XPass

XPass rewards daily fitness goals and unlocks access to the ultimate combination of fitness classes so users can push their performance and overall personal health. You don't have to choose one area to optimize, as this pass can help you access everything from strength, boxing and interval training to spin, pilates and yoga classes.

25. YuMuuv

YuMuuv offers a fitness app and platform that integrates personalized training plans, nutrition guidance and progress tracking. With YuMuuv's gamified fitness challenges, organizations can foster connection and a health-positive culture among their team while supporting their health and wellness goals.

26. Zwift

Zwift revolutionizes indoor fitness with its interactive platform, seamlessly blending virtual cycling and running experiences. You can join a global fitness community and elevate your workout with race and training programs that push the human body, all from the comfort of your home. 

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This list only scratches the surface of the transformative tools and technologies making a difference. If your business is one of them — or wants to enter the biohacking market — you'll need an edge. Powered by imaware's at-home health tests might be the competitive advantage you're looking for; learn more here.

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Mairi Sutherland

Mairi is a content strategist with a passion for imaware’s partner and patient outcomes, translating digital health trends for your business.

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