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February 27, 2024

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35 Top Health and Fitness Startups to Watch in 2023

Check out how the industry has been reshaped by technology.

Key takeaways
  • With smart technology, fitness startups are improving how people work out at home.
  • Telehealth startups are helping bridge the accessibility gap and expanding beyond primary care.
  • Personalized products and services are increasing in demand within the health and fitness industry.

The List

According to McKinsey & Company, the global wellness industry has an estimated annual growth rate of 5 to 10 percent — partially due to the rebound in personal wellness spending post-COVID-19 pandemic — and market competition is growing with it.1

With the addition of technological advances, how we care for our health, from fitness and nutrition to physician visits and care plan management, is also changing. As a result, the possibilities have broadened the market scope and will hopefully lead to the best user outcomes. 

After a recent analysis of this startup space, we've selected our top picks for 2023 due to their product/service innovation, member benefits, growth potential and more. Here are 35 health and fitness startups to watch in 2023:


1. K Health

K Health is a telehealth app where users can chat with healthcare providers, input symptoms into an AI symptom-checker, and receive prescriptions. Its service areas include urgent care, primary care and mental health care.

2. Spora Health 

Spora Health is a telehealth service specializing in primary care for people of color that can be used by individuals or implemented by employers. This company is all about providing online care that is accessible, effective and culture-centered.

3. Meru Health 

Meru Health is a mental healthcare telehealth service that allows users to maintain an ongoing connection with a therapist through regular video appointments and virtual chats. Beyond telehealth appointments, Meru Health also provides users with more tools to support their mental health through guided lessons, coaching, workshops and further education around nutrition and sleep.  

4. Tava Health 

Tava Health is a telehealth company specializing in mental health services, primarily providing virtual therapy appointments. Users can receive therapist recommendations based on their input needs or browse through therapist profiles and select the one they want to connect with. Tava Health is designed to integrate with employer benefits programs to support employee mental health. 

5. Eden Health

Eden Health is a direct-to-employer medical provider app that provides care for employees, including telehealth and in-person appointments for primary care, mental healthcare, medical inquiries and specialist referrals. Built to make it easier to give employees top-rate care while saving costs, Eden Health also comes with insurance experts to help choose the best options.

6. Hims 

Hims provides telehealth services and sells products specializing in men's health, including sexual health, mental health, skincare and hair care. Through Hims, users can schedule virtual consultations with healthcare providers, receive custom health treatment plans and order products or prescriptions as needed for direct delivery.

Women’s & Sexual Health

7. Hers

Offering telehealth services and products specializing in women's health, Hers is the other half of Hims. Catering to sexual and reproductive health, mental health, skincare and hair care, Hers provides users with a platform to book virtual doctor appointments, receive custom treatment plans and order products or prescriptions for direct delivery. 

8. Carrot

Carrot is an online platform specializing in helping users in their family-forming endeavors. Carrot supports each unique user’s fertility journey from egg freezing, postpartum care and at-home testing through imaware to IVF, surrogacy and adoption. Designed to complement healthcare plans, Carrot makes it easy for employers to provide their employees with clinically backed personalized family-building guidance and resources.   

9. Womaness 

Womaness is a startup that offers a range of products — skin care, sexual health and supplements — made specifically for menopausal women. Products and services for menopausal women is an emerging market that businesses are just starting to tap into. 

10. 28 Wellness 

28 Wellness provides fitness and wellness programs based on a woman's body cycle. This well-being platform aims to support women throughout their cycle by considering the changes in their energy, strength and hormone levels. It provides users with specific fitness and nutrition recommendations for the four main stages of each cycle. 

11. Bellabeat

Bellabeat is a women's health brand that provides an ecosystem of products and services. It caters to personalized health goals through coaching and health insights gleaned from Bellabeat's wearables. These fashionable health trackers collect data regarding menstruation cycles, sleep quality and more. 

12. Maude 

Maude is an online retailer focused on sexual wellness. Maude sells a range of sex essentials for modern consumers, from sex toys, lubricants and condoms to scented oils, cleansers and supplements. Maude also has a weekly newsletter focusing on the science, culture and health aspects of sex. 

Healthcare Support

13. Omada Health

On the more established side of health services, Omada Health is a virtual care program that focuses on helping individuals prevent and manage chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension. Users can access health coaches and specialists, as well as dynamic insights and analysis.

14. Vida Health 

Vida Health is another more established virtual care program that provides users with a custom health improvement program through one of three pathways: chronic conditions, prevention and mental health. Health plans are supported with weekly virtual check-ins with various advisors, such as coaches, dietitians, educators, therapists and more. Users can also link personal health devices like smart scales and fitness trackers to add to their Vida Health experience. 

15. Wellth 

Wellth is a digital service that bridges the gap between health plans from providers and follow-through on the patient end by utilizing behavioral economics. The Wellth app helps users develop healthy habits by sending custom daily reminders for behaviors, such as taking medication or testing blood pressure, that require the user to check in and prove adherence before receiving their reward. 

16. b.well

b.well is a holistic consumer health management system that organizes health data from providers, payers, connected devices and health records to uncomplicate the healthcare experience. 

Fitness & Coaching Platforms

17. CoPilot 

CoPilot is a fitness app that uses motion-sensing technology to provide virtual one-on-one coaching that focuses on creating lasting lifestyle changes. Users can take their training wherever they go without compromising the individual attention they receive.

18. Future

Future is a virtual fitness coaching platform that creates custom training plans and leverages biometrics data to assist users in achieving their health and fitness goals. Users can select different criteria, like fitness goals or injury recovery, to search Future's extensive coach directory for the perfect fit.

19. Everfit 

Everfit is an online training platform made for personal trainers. Trainers can build custom training courses for fitness, nutrition and habit coaching and easily connect with clients through messaging, videos and photos. Everfit also provides progress tracking, branding options and, perhaps best of all, automation options to boost efficiency and increase client base capabilities. 

20. FitOn 

FitOn is a fitness app for individuals that want to work out with celebrity trainers. It also comes with personalized health recommendations, fitness programs and courses, educational resources and links to local studios and gyms for those who want the entire fitness experience. FitOn can be added to employer benefit programs to bolster the employee health experience.

21. Aaptiv 

Aaptiv is a fitness app specializing in audio workout and training classes. Audio workouts give users more freedom to experience a guided workout wherever they are. Offering a wide range of fitness plans, users can match with programs that best align with their personal goals.

22. Sworkit  

Sworkit is a personal wellness and training app that targets areas like strength, endurance, flexibility and injury management. Users can select one of their premade programs or create custom workouts, with certified trainers available to answer questions over chat.

23. Age Bold

Age Bold provides guided digital workout classes catering to older adults. Age Bold aims to reduce the pain points of individuals in an older age range (around 65 and up) by specializing in low-impact at-home workouts focusing on building strength and stability. 

Health & Fitness Technology

24. Tonal

Tonal is a smart, versatile home gym setup providing personal training, progress, and metrics tracking. This smart gym design adapts to user needs with configurations that deliver over 200 workout options, adjustable ranges of motion and varying weight amounts. 

 25. Tempo

Tempo is a home gym that utilizes smart technology in weights to provide a personalized and convenient fitness journey. The two primary devices are a TV attachment and smart weights. The TV attachment plugs into a smartphone and scans users as they work out to provide real-time virtual form guidance. AI sensors also track the smart weights during the workout to provide additional performance metrics.

26. Spren 

Spren uses a smartphone camera to scan body composition. This no-additional hardware-needed startup can help users target fat loss and muscle gain. Understanding body composition can help assess fitness progress and provide important insights into areas such as cardiac or metabolic health.

27. OxeFit 

OxeFit is an AI strength training platform that creates custom workout plans based on personal data. The smart system uses computer-controlled loads and captures vital insights like power, velocity and load balance to guide users to achieve the best results.

28. Bodymatter 

Bodymatter is a digital health company that develops personalized health solutions like SleepWatch. SleepWatch is a sleep-tracking smart watch and app that work together to provide users with valuable insights, like sleep disruption, sleeping blood oxygen, sleeping HR and more.


WHOOP is a fitness and health wearable that monitors key data like training activities, sleep cycle and health information — blood oxygen levels, heart rate and temperature — to provide personalized recommendations and coaching. For ease of use, WHOOP technology can be worn as a smartwatch or within WHOOP technical garments.

30. Supernatural

Supernatural goes beyond online training as users enter a virtual reality fitness experience. With a VR headset and Supernatural, users can take home workouts and one-on-one coaching to the next level.


31. Elo 

Elo provides personalized nutrition through vitamins and supplements using personal goals and individual biometrics data gained through wearables, apps and Powered by imaware's at-home blood testing. Users also receive personal dosing guidance with their products and have access to registered dieticians within the app.

32. Wellory 

Wellory, now part of Season Health, is a telehealth service for nutrition designed to help users maintain a positive and healthy relationship with food. This service connects users with licensed nutrition providers at a reduced cost based on specialized needs and insurance requirements. 

33. Care/of 

Care/of is a personalized vitamin and supplement online service. Users input their needs and receive a unique plan backed by science. The Care/of app also helps keep track of health goals and progress.  

34. Trifecta

Trifecta is a nutrition service that delivers personalized, dietitian-designed, macro-aligned meals for people working towards better health and fitness. Users can use Trifecta to create a customized guide, set goals and learn more about nutrition.

 35. Heali

Heali is a nutrition app with varying levels of nutrition support and education. Users can scan products and menus for instant nutritional value information, search through nutritious recipes created by dieticians and chefs and order groceries and meal kits through associated partners. More support is available with individual dietary recommendations and one-on-one coaching. 

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  1. McKinsey & Company. Feeling good: The future of the $1.5 trillion wellness market. Accessed May 10, 2023.

Mairi Sutherland

Mairi is a content strategist with a passion for imaware’s partner and patient outcomes, translating digital health trends for your business.

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