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March 5, 2024

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The Future of At-Home Health Testing: How Powered by imaware is Leading the Way

The plug-and-play testing solution connecting partners and patients.

Key takeaways
  • Driven by technological advancements and the pandemic, user demand for personalized and remote healthcare services is growing. 
  • Powered by imaware offers an easy solution for businesses seeking to incorporate at-home testing into their services, enabling partners to improve patient engagement, outcomes and satisfaction.
  • Facilitating seamless connections between partners and patients, Powered by imaware's white-label tests are backed by science and technology.

The surging demand for at-home testing

User demand for personalized and remote products and services is growing, driven by technological advancements and exacerbated by the recent pandemic, which necessitated changes to many areas, including the health industry. Telehealth and at-home testing have seen a particular boost in use, only continuing to grow more popular as testing devices have become more portable and user-friendly and biomarker abilities have advanced.  

At-home testing provides an easy solution to insightful health data for those who struggle to access in-person testing facilities, those with chronic conditions requiring constant monitoring, and those simply wanting to take the next step in their health and wellness care. Businesses throughout the health and wellness market can use at-home testing to create a more personalized, engaging and thorough patient experience.

Power growth with Powered by imaware

What about businesses that wish to add at-home testing to their capabilities but lack a sophisticated testing infrastructure? Powered by imaware was crafted as the solution. 

With a plug-and-play at-home test kit structure, partners can build the tests of their users' dreams without the heavy lifting. 


The Powered by imaware advantage

Connecting partners and patients

Powered by imaware is the connective tissue that joins partners with their users through critical health data collected from the comfort of home. We power partners' growth with white-label tests that create new revenue and cost savings opportunities while improving patient outcomes, engagement and satisfaction. 

A partnership comes with more than just at-home tests — all of Powered by imaware's operations are driven by four fundamental values:    

1. Partner-centric

imaware's testing infrastructure is designed to supplement partner services and elevate their offerings, helping partners reach deeper engagement with patients and ultimately guiding individuals toward better health outcomes.

2. Passionate people

In addition to testing capabilities, our partners gain a devoted team with invaluable expertise dedicated to patients and partners receiving a top-tier experience. Partners can consider us an extension of their team.

3. Rooted in science and technology

imaware is CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited, HIPAA and SOC2-compliant, and led by science. At the intersection of personal health data and technology, our tests work with market innovations like wearables, machine learning and wellness apps to provide endless cutting-edge health experiences.

4. Performance driven 

Everything we do creates a measurable impact for our partners and their patients. We are driven by improving outcomes, reducing the cost of care delivery, creating new revenue opportunities for our partners and increasing patient/clinician satisfaction.

How Powered by imaware works

imaware's goal has always been to empower individuals to take control of their health. Now, Powered by imaware is here to help partners do the same with their patients. From the carefully crafted biomarker menu, partners can select the health metrics that matter most to their audience, whether that means monitoring vitamin levels, cardiovascular health and diabetes risk or screening for prostate cancer, sexually transmitted diseases and more. 

Follow our seamless process

Step 1: Choose your custom panel

imaware serves a wide range of partners, and with it comes a wide range of user needs, so partners can choose from an extensive biomarker menu (over 100!) to build the ideal at-home test. 

From wellness markers and standard health checkups to sexual health and genetic testing, imaware's biomarker menu is ready to meet user needs.

Step 2: Apply your branding

Partners can easily brand their own test packaging and any other collateral with just a few clicks.  

Step 3: Empower your audience

imaware's user-friendly workflows are simple, streamlined and supported by a whole team, so partners don't have to worry about user experience.

Step 4: Deliver impactful health data

Our API delivers HIPAA-compliant and physician-reviewed results in both an easy-to-understand format for patients and a downloadable PDF format for healthcare professionals.   

Leverage our platform

Powered by imaware's fully integrated partner API is the backend that manages our end-to-end user journey, offering businesses a powerful infrastructure that connects customers to top-tier labs. 

Platform capabilities include:

  • Managing patient records
  • Ordering tests for patients and retrieving results reports
  • Receiving updates on test status changes in near-real-time 

Partners can be confident with the safety of patient health data as imaware maintains HIPAA and SOC2 level compliance to ensure high-level security measures are in place.

Enable the user journey

With Powered by imaware, partners can target all stages in the user journey with a custom approach, creating an excellent patient experience from beginning to end:  

  1. Awareness: Market activation, user education and biomarker collection
  2. Screening: Health data analysis and user risk identification
  3. Treatment: Diagnosis, treatment advice and continuous monitoring

Partner with us

As health technology like at-home testing continues to grow within the industry, there is no end in sight for the profound impact it can have on the care experience as a whole. With biomarkers designed to serve a range of patient requirements and user wellness goals, Powered by imaware is leading the way with at-home testing opportunities. 

Discover how Powered by imaware can benefit your business today.

Power Growth with At-Home Health Testing
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Mairi Sutherland

Mairi is a content strategist with a passion for imaware’s partner and patient outcomes, translating digital health trends for your business.

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Power Growth with At-Home Health Testing
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