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December 7, 2023

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Fulfill Wish Lists with the Gift of Health Awareness

Give the gift of at-home testing.

Key takeaways

The holidays offer businesses an opportunity to embrace the spirit of the season and reflect on the needs and wish lists of their patients, employees, customers and users. Give the gift of targeted at-home health tests designed specifically for your community.

For those seeking accessible healthcare

Their wish list: The ability to quickly and conveniently check their health while skipping the hassle of traditional clinic or lab visits.

Bring health awareness to your patients by offering at-home tests that provide thorough preventative health screenings, including extensive STI panels, prostate cancer screening, diabetes, heart monitoring and more. 

Explore our solutions.

For those optimizing performance

Their wish list: Tools to take their health and wellness performance to the next level, enabling them to measure progress towards their goals.

Give your goal-getters a way to track lifestyle improvements using a combination of biomarkers, like micronutrients (vitamin B12, calcium, magnesium and ferritin) and wellness indicators (blood glucose, hematocrit, cholesterol and triglycerides). 

Learn more about our solution for health optimization.

For those feeling burnt out

Their wish list: Ways to strengthen their health and feel revitalized at work.

Provide a solution for employees to find relief, restoring mind-body health with impactful insights. Build the ultimate recovery panel for your workforce that monitors problem areas such as stress levels, immune systems, cardiovascular health and hormones. 

Learn more about our solution for workforce ecosystems. 

For those managing chronic conditions 

Their wish list: Accessible testing to monitor chronic conditions from home and gain peace of mind.

Gift enhanced remote patient monitoring and maintenance with our customized at-home tests. Utilize our range of biomarkers to track critical areas, such as diabetes, liver and kidney conditions, thyroid function and cardiovascular health. 

Learn more about our solution for healthcare organizations

Explore our extensive biomarker menu with 100+ analytes here.

Already have specific biomarkers in mind? Speak with our team to discuss panels that fit your business needs. 


Mairi Sutherland

Mairi is a content strategist with a passion for imaware’s partner and patient outcomes, translating digital health trends for your business.

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